If you want to enter a contest to win an entry in a LIVE PRIZE DRAWING you’re in the right place. Jolly Chicken runs online contests that are based on the results of local fundraiser events put on by legitimate charities. You may be asked to guess how many volunteers will register to walk for a cure, how much money will be raised or any answer that will be determined by the success of the fundraiser. There’s no purchase or donation necessary to enter, however in the confirmation of your contest entry we’ll send you a link where you can offer some financial assistance to their worthwhile cause. Remember Jolly Chicken only permits legitimate charities to use our program so you can rest assured that any donation you make will go toward helping other people.

Speaking of helping people wait till you see some of the offers the Sponsors have made available to you. From instant discounts to $250 gift certificates in the prize drawing there’s always a great deal waiting for you listed in your contest entry confirmation. But wait… there’s more! You get to enter up to 5 times per person or email address in each of our contests so you don’t have to be an expert math wizard to win.

You’ll find a recent contest at the bottom of this page or you can search by charity or location. Remember the contest winner must be present to take part in the Prize Drawing Event so make sure you live close to where the charity fundraiser is being held and the Sponsors are located. A complete set of rules is available for each contest and all entries are bound by our TERMS & CONDITIONS.