The Grand Prize Events

Who gets to play?

The Prize Drawing Event has 3 contestants all trying to win up to $25,000 but they all will win at least a $250 prize provided by a participating Sponsor of their choice. The 3 contestants are:

  1. The Contest Winner: The winner of the contest is the first entry submitted with the exact answer or closest-to-without-going-over the actual winning answer. The Contest Winner must be in attendance at the Prize Drawing and must be in compliance with all contest rules concerning eligibility.

  2. The Winning Volunteer: The Charity sets the rules on which Volunteer achieves the position of being a contestant in the Live Grand Prize Drawing. Now a Volunteer can earn their place in the Grand Prize Drawing worth up to $25,000 just by doing what they set out to do… help the charity raise funds.

  3. The Winning Sponsor: Each Sponsor is able to reward their customers with a free entry to the online contest. The first Sponsor that sends the highest number customers and friends to the contest who submit an entry earns a place as a contestant in the Prize Drawing. In the event the Sponsor does not win one of the cash prizes they Sponsors may select a Sponsor Gift Card from any of the participating Sponsor business listed in this event.

What are the prizes?

  • Grand Prize: $25,000.00.

  • 2nd Place:       $ 2,500.00

  • 3rd Place:          $  250.00

  • Sponsor Prize:  A Gift Certificate from a Sponsor of your choice with values from $250 to $2,000.

How is the Prize Drawing done?

Contestants are given a set of 40 packets or bags to open in any order. Enclosed within each packet or bag is a sealed security envelope listing one of the four prizes listed above. Each contestant continues to open envelopes until they have found 5 of the same prize listing at which point they win that prize and their drawing is finished. After the Indemnity company verifies the drawing any cash prizes are paid directly to winner from the Charity who purchased the policy.

To see a Bag Game drawing in action click here